Bucket o' Corona Burgers 'n Beer is here

The long-awaited 1 first release of LBIP performances is available now!

At every gig, we turn on the tape deck and stick a mic somewhere on stage. Well, it's time to do something with all this posterity. So, we've compiled a CD's worth of tunes for you. That's right, over an hour of Last Ball Live!

Several previews are currently available on our Samples page in MP3 format.

Why "Burgers 'n Beer"?

Well, we're not doing this for the money. We do this because we love to play. If the proprietor of an establishment wants to pay us for raising a ruckus, well why not? But our contract insists we be well fed and slaked...

'Cause We Ended as Lovers 4:51
Kind Hearted Woman 4:54
Deep Ellum Blues 3:54
Flat Foot Susie 3:08
I Loved Another Woman 3:47
Chump Man Blues 3:13
33 RPM Soul2 ,3 3:33
Odd Couple Theme 3:43
Thrill is Gone 3:04
Rock and Roll 4:47
Hip Shake Boogie 5:26
Chameleon 5:58
Roll Gypsy Roll 2 4:58
Big Wind (is a' Comin') 4:47
The Little Red Rooster 3:41
You're No Good 2 4:57

1. Long-awaited by at least a few of you.
2. Featuring Jodi Dobos on vocals
3. How did we manage that timing?

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